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The fronts of these gorgeous Swedish cushions are made of short-haired, soft sheepskin and the  backs made of pure, woven wool.  The cushions have a concealed zip allowing the covers to be removed for cleaning if required.

As sheepskin is a natural product small variations can occur between cushions but these should only add to their charm.


They are supplied with duck feather & polyester cushion pad which makes the cushion fluffy and allows it to keeps its form.


Dimensions 40 cm x 40 cm

Swedish Sheepskin & Pure Wool Cushion, Elk

VAT Included
  • In case of lighter soiling:

    Vacuum or use a clothes rollar to remove dust or fluff.  For light soiling use a sponge and lukewarm water & blot with a dry towel afterwards.

    Shake and air sheep/lambskins regularly for the best luster and shape, and it is better to do this on a day there is damp in the air. Do not subject the sheepskin to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

    In the case of heavier soiling:

    Skins with a wool length of up to 35mm can be washed in the washing machine. Skins with full length wool should not be washed in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent (wool shampoo) with a ph-value of 3.5 - 5.5, which is free from ensymes, phosphates, peroxides, aliklies and bleaches.  Heavier soiling on the skins should be soaked in cold water before washing. Wash in the washing machine and chose the wool program/30 degrees. Always use a lot of water. It is okay to use spin but avoid using the tumble dryer and absolutly no tumble drying with heat. Do not use bleach or conditioner. Sheep/lambskins should be hung up or dried flat in room temperature. Work, (drag and rub) the skin whilst still damp to keep the skin flexable. Do not iron. Sheepskins can even be dry cleaned by a specialist. Do not subject the sheepskin to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

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